What Moved Business Solutions Forward

Henry Schein Business Solutions was born because we listened to dentists across the country and around the world that told us they needed assistance with their business processes. From day one, our mission was to ensure that dentists had access to essential business resources to help make their practice soar. Since our founding, we have helped thousands of dentists build better businesses and as we continue to grow and evolved, our business must evolve too. That’s why I am delighted to announce that Henry Schein Business Solutions is rebranding and will be known as Forward by Henry Schein. Our new brand positioning embodies everything we hope for our clients in driving their business Forward by helping them become better businesses.

Forward by Henry Schein, together with our service vendors delivers indispensable business resources that give every dental practice the inspiration and power to be more and dream bigger. The right business specialists can make a real difference in your dental practice, helping you manage growth, save money, reduce risk, and wow your patients.

From San Antonio to San Francisco, and Pittsburgh to Portland, each dental practice is unique and faces its own challenges in its local market. Yet, in working closely with dental offices across the country, we have come to identify critical areas where dental practices can achieve real efficiencies and take advantage of uncommon expertise to drive their business to new heights. That’s why our team has assembled a roster of business resources who work with dentists to solve business problems and help achieve their business goals. From marketing, human resources, HIPAA compliance, website development, to training, consulting, and more, our valued service vendors are experts in what they do and bring that experience to our clients’ dental practices.

Dentists are essentially CEOs; they can either work “in” their business, which is proven less productive than working “on” their business. When the CEO can’t get off the front lines to do other things required to run the business, or is resistant to new ideas, or considers hiring someone to run the business, their capacity and business become inevitably challenged. Forward by Henry Schein partners with dentists to solve that conundrum by helping to make them and their practices more productive, helping to make their CEO experience better.
Today’s competitive dental market is fierce and fast-moving, and requires entrepreneurial thinking and steadfast business discipline. Gone are the days where dentists may have to dedicate a full-time resource to address specific business challenges such as marketing or human resource. By partnering with companies whose business discipline matches your needs, you save time, money and effort essentially by purchasing that expertise. We want our clients to work wiser, not harder.

Be it merchandise, technology, equipment, and now business services, Henry Schein Dental’s is committed to the entire life-cycle of our clients’ dental practices. Forward by Henry Schein’s goal is to become trusted advisors to our clients. Our dedicated and highly trained team truly wants to help dentists become the very best business people they can be. As the markets and patient demands continue to change, count on Forward by Henry Schein to inspire and help dental practices to move their practices Forward.

Eric Nuss, MBA, leads a new Henry Schein business unit, Forward by Henry Schein. Forward aims to be the indispensable resource to dentists for business education, strategy, and services to help move their businesses…Forward. Eric also developed the Dental Business Institute, a world-class program in the Forward education offering. He speaks nationally about the business and future of dentistry.