The Benefits of In-Office Training

As our world and our profession provide more and more resources and training tools in the digital space, many times doctors will ask, what’s the benefit of in-office training anyway? While it’s incredible to be able to access teaching and training via online classes, journal articles, and continuing education seminars, there is still something unique and powerful about bringing that training to your practice with your team in your environment.

Let’s explore three of the key benefits.

When you, as the dentist, owner, and leader, recognize the need for additional training for your practice to reach its potential, it also gives you the opportunity to clarify your expectations and goals.

Have you shared with your team the vision you have for your practice? Does everyone on the team understand how they individually contribute to that vision? Are you consistently communicating about the key performance indicators you intend to achieve? Is there a clear process in place for the systems of your practice to allow each person to know the steps in the system and their responsibilities?

Another benefit of in-office training is the collaboration you and your team experience as a result of the training and the time spent learning together. Being in your practice, with access to your materials and equipment in your environment, allows for the training to be applied immediately, in your own practice. Being able to have a real-world application with the newfound knowledge immediately instills confidence in your team. It also allows for immediate refinement or adjustment to be made to fit the flow and culture of your practice.

When the entire team is taking part in these trainings, each individual can see the impact they make in the delivery of the system. This results in enhanced understanding and knowledge of the team in both the actual system you train on and in the cohesiveness of the team overall. In addition, bringing in an expert on a particular system gives you access to work alongside someone who can see things with fresh eyes. They are full of knowledge and best practices that can elevate the system and practice as a whole. Why keep trying to figure it out as you go by trial and error when there are resources available to help you improve? That third-party perspective with the reinforcement of the skills and training is another aspect of collaboration that brings great collaboration.

Consistency is a great outcome from the investment of in-office training. Consistently administering and refining the systems of your practice has multiple benefits:

  • Smooth flowing, well organized days
  • Decreased chaos due to increased knowledge and understanding
  • Systemized approach to office organization

Consistency is also a result of the accountability put in place when utilizing in-office training. Accountability is doing what you say you are going to do. Your advisor helps hold you and your team accountable for doing what you need to do before, during and after each training session. In the blizzard of busyness in our dental days, it can be easy to overlook the action items needed to make your training an ongoing part of how your practice operates and to see sustainable change.

Your in-office trainer/advisor is there to make sure the investment you are making in time, energy and money is a worthwhile endeavor and one that results in improved clarity, collaboration, and consistency in the systems of your practice.
Wondering where to start? Download the 25 Systems Ranking Exercise and share with the members of your team. Take the average of everyone’s scores and see where you are in the systems of your practice. Anything ranking below a 7 would be worthy of consideration of in-office training.



Amy Logan Parrish is Chief Development Officer for Jameson Management, a practice management, marketing, and hygiene coaching firm. Amy focuses primarily on growth and development for both the company as a whole and for the individual team members that make up the organization’s dynamic culture. She has been a featured speaker at numerous dental meetings across the country delivering engaging presentations on a variety of subjects relevant to today’s dental team including customer service, marketing, and team development.