Rules to Keep Your Brand Modern

Whether your practice is large-scale or small, your brand is everything. The design of your brand needs to be polished and consistent across all marketing channels. If your brand’s design is old and outdated, your practice may fail to make a lasting impression on potential patients. A good brand design should portray your practice as smart, professional and current with recent trends. Here are a few easy-to-follow rules to keep your brand’s design from falling into the prehistoric era.

Use a Logo That Makes Sense

It’s important that your logo accurately represents your practice and the services that you provide. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a logo simply based on a trendy look. While the look of your logo is obviously important, the service you provide should be immediately clear to patients. The message behind your logo shouldn’t get lost in the design. Instead, the design should work to reiterate that message. Once you perfect your logo, use it for all of your marketing efforts.

Complementary Website Colors

The human mind instantly forms opinions based on color. In fact, studies show that we associate certain colors with distinct feelings. For instance, blue is commonly associated with trust, comfort, and confidence. Colors that complement each other are the basis of great web design. void using more than two colors or a busy design; this can make your practice appear messy and unprofessional. Also, make sure that the colors you use on your website are the same or complementary to the ones you use on your logo. 

Minimal Website Effects

About 25% of website visitors will leave a page if it does not load in less than 4 seconds – a common reason for slow loading websites is heavy usage of design elements such as Flash, videos and large images. Sleek and modern brand designs are often the most minimal designs. Don’t overcomplicate your brand style by using a wide array of design effects that take the focus away from your central message and may even slow down your website. Keep it simple: choose optimized images, simple background colors and a typeface that is in a contrasting color that is easily legible.


Arguably the most important branding rule is to create with consistency. Consistent design elements on your website and other branded materials are crucial to making your brand instantly recognizable to customers. Try to use a similar color palette throughout all of your brand materials to create visual harmony. Everything should be consistent; from the color palette to the use of white space and the way elements are aligned. Remaining consistent with your design elements ensures that all of your marketing materials are an extension of your brand.

Branding your practice effectively supports that impression across all media associated with your practice, from your website to your social media accounts all the way down to your business cards. Strong visual branding is just as important as any marketing strategy. Follow these simple guidelines for a modern brand design that never goes out of style.

Melody Gandy-Bohr is a seasoned content marketing manager and current employee of Demandforce (an Internet Brands company), which has a formal business arrangement with Henry Schein One, the joint venture between Henry Schein Practice Solutions and Internet Brands.