Reinvent Your Dental Imaging Process with Dentrix Smart Image

See images from multiple vendors within the Patient Chart
What practice isn’t looking for new methods to improve reimbursements, increase staff and workflow efficiency, and improve the customer experience? Few might have thought it possible to do all three at the same time; however,  the new Dentrix Smart Image feature perfects this task.

Released as part of Dentrix G7 by Henry Schein One, Smart Image is the new way to interface with your imaging software. This new technology goes well beyond traditional imaging bridges by providing two-way connectors that grant access to your images from multiple imaging vendors, all right within the Dentrix Patient Chart. In addition, the technology lets you automate imaging workflows in unprecedented ways—resulting in benefits for multiple aspects of your practice.

Improve Imaging Reimbursements
During an appointment, team members sometimes take additional images that were not originally scheduled. If so, procedure codes intended for billing may not be communicated and slip through the cracks. Enter Smart Image. As images are taken, Smart Image automatically posts completed imaging procedures to the Ledger. Beyond saving time and steps for team members, automated posting supports prompt, accurate billing.

Increase Efficiency
In the past, preparing image capturing was a time-consuming process: (1) starting the imaging software, (2) selecting the patient, (3) choosing the sensor and (4) selecting the template. Thanks to Smart Image, this lengthy process is no more. After the procedure and CDT codes are selected, Smart Image can automatically open the imaging software and arm the correct sensor, saving you steps and time.

Additionally, if you have images saved across multiple imaging programs, locating the correct image can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Instead, Dentrix Smart Image displays image thumbnails on the Patient Chart for all patient 2D and 3D images from any participating Smart Image partner. With this feature, dentists and team members are spared the time and hassle of looking through multiple systems to find available images—plus this helps to avoid accidentally overlooking images.

Improve the Patient Experience
The time you spend searching for images means that your patients also spend unnecessary, anxious moments waiting in the operatory. To help you quickly locate the image(s) you need, Smart Image lets you filter your patient’s images in many different ways—including by date, imaging vendor, image type, and tooth number.

Locating images more quickly means procedures can be completed more efficiently and effectively, ultimately making the experience better for you and the patient. Smart Image not only provides you access to all of your images in one place, but it also lets you “pin” up to four images or view multiple images in the “most recent” panel on the screen at once for easy comparisons.

Beyond the diagnostic value and increased speed, this comparison capability could also be very helpful when presenting a clear, concise treatment plan. When patients are better educated about their dental needs, the prospects for treatment acceptance increases. Patients who receive the best treatments have the best outcomes—the end result being a superior patient experience.

Get Smart Image Now
Dentrix Smart Image is available for users of Dentrix G7 or higher. Connectors to participating imaging vendors are provided at no additional charge to users with a current Dentrix service bundle.

Learn More
To learn more about Dentrix Smart Image and to see the list of participating imaging vendors, visit Or for more information about Dentrix G7, visit to view videos about the new features.


Loren Sucher, Dentrix Product Marketing Manager
Loren Sucher is the product marketing manager for Dentrix, the dental industry’s most widely-used practice management system, from Henry Schein One.