Network of Providers

HR for Health: Full-service HR compliance support with a digital platform

Dental Team Finder: Dental Team Finder is a unique recruitment resource for practices and job applicants exclusively in the dental space.  Whether you’re a doctor and/or practice owner needing to find a great team member or dental professional seeking a new opportunity, our company seeks to add value in the space of dental recruitment.  From adding Associate Doctors to entry-level team members, our website contains a listing of dental professionals that practices can connect to in finding employees to sustain their growth.  They are specialized for the dental field, which is an industry that continues to evolve.  Now more than ever,  business operations outsourcing functions such as ours are necessary for a competitive edge and future growth.

Dental Team Finder is unlike typical job board offerings out there, even those in the dental space, in that we seek to screen and recommend the best candidates, not just send you dozens of unqualified applicants.  Your listings can be customized to fit the needs of employers based on their practice specialties, team culture, values, philosophies, market, and professional acumen.  They are selective in creating a list of applicants that make the best addition to your practice.

Dentourage: Full-service integrated marketing communications firm for customers with 4 plus locations

Likeable: Likeable Dentists offers a software solution that allows dental practices to create, enhance, and manage their social media presence. Likeable Dentists was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of Likeable Media, a highly successful social media marketing firm, and has a fully developed product that integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and more social media websites.

Doctor’s Internet: SEO, target marketing campaigns, websites

Worldwide Audio Media: Worldwide Audio Media is an advertising and audio production company that specializes in Telephone On-Hold Messages and Music. Beyond that they are an advertising marketing firm that for over 20 years has helped businesses succeed.  They assist companies and organizations in creating and implementing sound marketing strategies. Worldwide Audio Media’s sales and creative offices and production studios in the same location it makes it easy for us to go from concept to creative to production.

Jameson Management: With Jameson, you have the opportunity to learn and implement over 25 years of proven management, clinical, and marketing systems into your practice TODAY while also accessing a strong leadership and strategic planning process for your ultimate practice success. With their team of management, clinical and marketing advisors, and our collaborative business partners on your team, you can move quickly from tactically thinking in the short term, reacting to events, having random hope that things will be better to being proactive and strategically thinking about long-term results you want for you and your practice, being intentional about getting there and experiencing freedom and fulfillment in your dental career.

    • Help more patients say YES to treatment.
    • Keep your business systems on track and working effectively.
    • Unify your team into a group of leaders working cohesively toward your practice goals.
    • Attract more new patients to your practice.
    • Become more productive and more profitable.

Jameson’s mission is to help dentists and teams become more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled in their practicing lives.   When you work with Jameson, you work with an organization dedicated to these core values: Kindness, Respect, Integrity, Balance, and Relationships. Enjoy a coaching program that helps you get the results you want while implementing the systems your practice needs to thrive.

Unitas Dental: Unitas PPO Solutions is dedicated to increasing dental practices’ PPO revenue and helping practices navigate the complexities of PPO insurance participation. Unitas provides affordable, outsourced solutions for negotiating higher PPO reimbursements, optimizing PPO participation, and effectively managing PPO participation. Unitas has multiple service programs designed to meet the different needs of dentists and dental practices. Whether your practice is currently participating in-network with multiple PPO insurance plans, your practice is fee-for- service but you are considering in-network PPO participation, you are buying or building a new practice, or you need to credential an associate dentist with your current in-network PPO plans, we have solutions for you. Unitas also provides solutions that can help increase dental procedure margin, improve treatment acceptance, and grow patient base.

Cirrus Consulting Group: Founded in 1994 by dentists for dentists, Cirrus Consulting Group is a firm devoted to commercial real estate advisory, and dental office lease negotiation and review services for dentists. Their professional lease negotiation experts work hard to achieve fair and affordable financial terms for dentists, ensuring that the lease is set up to provide long-term protection, flexibility, and security, with the ability to eventually sell and transition out of dentistry, profitably and safely.

Their strategic negotiation process includes a thorough review of the dental office lease to uncover expensive risks and problem areas, and the development of a lease improvement and negotiation strategy to help doctors achieve fair and equitable leasing terms.

CAEK: CAEK, Inc®. is a Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) company providing HIPAA compliance software for the healthcare industry through its flagship product, LayerCompliance®. LayerCompliance® provides a cost-effective HIPAA tool for healthcare providers, other covered entities, and business associates. Since 2013, we’ve provided HIPAA security compliance services to independent physicians, dentists, large medical groups, hospitals, public health agencies, and business associates.

HPTC: Online and FSC delivered OSHA and HIPAA CE/training

Cardio Partners: White labeled CPR training through Red Cross and American Heart Association

Charles Blair & Associates: Coding manuals, software, and limited coaching

Dental Business Institute: Full classroom experience with supplemental engagement online  **MBA credit pursuit with a few Prominent Business Schools. Online only CE for up to 50 employees in a location

DDU Training: DDU, LLC specializes in providing premier digital consulting solutions. By combing a robust interactive virtual training platform and systems from the best name brand experts in the industry, DDU, LLC is leading the evolution of how teams get trained and become leading practices.

Total Health Academy: Total Health Academy, LLC has developed a faculty of industry experts and a suite of training solutions centered around transforming healthcare, one dental practice at a time.

Regional Events: Often co-managed with equipment team to provide live CE engagements

CE Zoom: CE management resource

Henry Schein Practice Analysis: Your annual business health check-up.

Jameson Management: Practice Management Consulting and full-service marketing. For Full company description, see Business Operations.

Hygiene Diamonds/Team Training Institute: Practice Management Consulting

360 Practice Development: Practice Management Consulting