LayerCompliance by CAEK

Say hello to your digital compliance binder. With modules for OSHA and HIPAA, CPR Management, and Healthcare Billing policies, the LayerCompliance cloud-based dashboard helps you easily track where you are in the compliance process. And the best part? It generates a tailored, digital compliance binder that can be accessed from anywhere. (Like paper binders and checklists? That’s okay. You can print those from the dashboard, too!)

What’s Included with LayerCompliance?

  • Compliance programs for OSHA & Infection Control, HIPAA, CPR Management, and Healthcare billing policies all tailored to your needs
  • Simple, easy-to-follow “to-do list” format
  • Easily track progress throughout the year – what has been completed and what is still due
  • Manage multiple clinics with one management dashboard
  • Generate tailored, digital compliance binder that includes your policies and procedures and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Unlimited, online, self-paced staff training – no additional fees for new employees

OSHA/Infection Control

Generate and complete your annual review of OSHA and Infection Control policies by using the easy-tofollow “to do list” format. Track what has been completed and what is still pending. And receive continual program evaluation reminders throughout the year. Module includes tools for tailored policies (in a digital format), annual staff training, and digital management of compliance efforts. Follows the CDC published guidelines for infection control in healthcare settings.


From your annual risk assessment, risk analysis and staff training, to tailored policy documents and risk management, streamline your efforts to achieve HIPAA compliance using the LayerCompliance dashboard. Utilizing the HIPAA task list and regular HIPAA task reminders, compliance officers can easily manage and document HIPAA compliance efforts. Also includes tools to generate the MACRA/MIPS Promoting Interoperability Report.

CPR Management

Receive notification 90 days before staff CPR certifications expire.

Healthcare Billing Compliance Module*

Help avoid fraudulent claims. Get the tools to assist you in implementing a healthcare billing compliance program that is based on the seven basic components of compliance, including fraud and abuse laws and ways to monitor your relationship with payers, other healthcare providers, and vendors.

**While the module includes policies and checklists to help implement a billing compliance program, it does not provide education, guidance, or support for specific CDT, CPT, HCPCS, or ICD-10 codes and or use of specific codes or qualifiers when submitting claims.

*CPR training is not included

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