The Importance of Having Consistent Information on Internet Directories

In the constantly evolving world of internet marketing, the only thing you can be certain is that you can never be sure what Google is looking for on a daily basis as part of its search algorithm. That being said, one thing that Google indexes all the time and which they regard as very important are internet or business directories. Having consistent and correct information about your practice and preventing incorrect information from being incorporated into your directories is of the utmost importance.

There are over 70 internet directories that list dentists. Some of them are very familiar such as Facebook, Yelp, Google and Yahoo, while others are much less well known. Business directories include essential information such as “Office Name,” “Address,” “Phone #,” “Web Address” and “Office Hours” to name a few. Google wants all directories to have the exact same information.

Even the smallest discrepancies will cause business directory listing errors.  Google algorithms dislike these errors and will drop the dental office in search. Google is looking for consistent information about the dental practice throughout the internet. The problem is that directories add listing information robotically and do not care if the information is correct or if it matches other directories.

In order to correct business listing or directory errors and maintain in their correct form, it is incumbent upon your internet marketing provider to:

  • Place correct and matching information about you and your practice on all these directories and correct any mistakes that may be currently present.
  • Once the corrections are made, it is imperative to lock in these changes by a system of “Duplicate Suppression”  – a continuous locking system that prevents the directories from collecting and blindly auto posting incorrect information it finds about the practice on the internet.

It is almost impossible for a dentist and/or his staff to make all of these corrections on their own since directories must be monitored on a continuous basis.  A more simplistic way to deal with the problem of business directory errors is by using a company that can run a scan of your current business directories, make corrections and then lock the directories to prevent wrong information from being picked up.

While knowing exactly what Google looks for on a daily basis is a challenge, correcting directory listings, which is among Google’s most important indices, is a task which can be done relatively easily, and needs to be performed in order to enhance search placement. To see if your dental office has listing errors, click below and fill out the short form.

James Gelfand is the President of a company founded by dentists which manages a dentist’s online persona. Directory Listing Management is one of the services offered by