Growing Your Practice Through Equipment and Technology

What an investment can do for your practice results


 As business owners, growth isn’t optional. Whether it be how to grow your team, grow your new patient numbers or grow your bottom line, you are consistently seeking resources that can assist you in your growth mode. An investment in equipment and technology is a way to make a big impact on your practice growth in a variety of ways. Consider how an investment in equipment and technology can help you- Differentiate. Discover and Develop- in order to experience increased results in your productivity, your profitability and ultimately, your fulfillment! 

Differentiate. With 54% of today’s consumers (your patients) stating they have higher expectations for customer service than they did one year ago (Microsoft, state of Customer Service Report, 2017), would an investment in technology and equipment help enhance your patient experience? Whether it’s offering patients the opportunity to schedule appointments online or investing in technology to provide same-day dentistry, could those advancements, delivered and communicated with care by you and your team, help you stand out from your peers? Differentiation in the marketplace can come in many forms and utilizing technology is one of the best ways to do so. 

Discover. When you invest in equipment and technology, you give your patients a chance to discover treatment needs and recommendations more clearly. According to Psychology Today, 63% of the population are visual learners. Thus, when technology like intra oral cameras are used on every patient, at every appointment, patients can see (and ultimately learn!) what you are seeing, which can create a sense of urgency to restore their mouth to health. You can empower your hygienists greatly when you give them access to this incredible visual aid allowing them to remind patients of their area of concern, show them those images and have a conversation about the benefits of proceeding and disadvantages of not proceeding. Not to mention giving the doctor another opportunity to discuss it with patients as well!  This investment alone can help you see increased results in your case acceptance rates and in the productivity of your hygiene department overall.

Develop. Technology can make your practicing life and the lives of your team members easier by streamlining systems, which increases efficiency. When efficiency is heightened, practices can do more of the dentistry they want to do, in the manner in which they want to do it.  Equipment and technology, when purchased with intention, help the practice develop to further support the vision the doctor has cast for the practice. The access to new technology and equipment also helps the individual members of the team develop themselves more thoroughly. Team members have opportunities for additional training, to elevate their own skills so that they, too, continue to be in a growth mode. When team members are given chances to learn and thrive, they remain engaged, excited to come to work and to share with patients about the wonderful new services available in the practice. Those engaged team members create engaged patients who are loyal to you and the practice. As team members develop, so too, does the practice. 

Any investment in equipment and technology requires not only a financial commitment but a commitment of time and energy in order to see results. Results can be achieved when time is dedicated to training on new technologies, communicating as a team about the impact this new equipment has on each person and their role, and learning how to communicate with patients and potential patients about the services you offer. When focused time is spent in this manner, you will begin to differentiate, discover and develop as a team who is ready for your next level of practice growth.

Amy Logan Parrish is Chief Development Officer for Jameson Management, a practice management, marketing, and hygiene coaching firm. Amy focuses primarily on growth and development for both the company as a whole and for the individual team members that make up the organization’s dynamic culture. She has been a featured speaker at numerous dental meetings across the country delivering engaging presentations on a variety of subjects relevant to today’s dental team including customer service, marketing, and team development.