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Plan. Build. Lead. Lean.

Many dentists who operate independent practices find it difficult to compete in the ever-changing marketplace. Many small group practices encounter the same challenges. Reduced reimbursements and emergence of group and corporate practices force practitioners to think about the future differently. The Dental Business Institute at Henry Schein was created to support and guide dentists through a successful entrepreneurial exploration of their business and its potential.

The Dental Business Institute is a year-long educational program that guides practitioners through the process of applying different business models to their practice vision. Attendees first identify their desired outcome, then design a business model that helps achieve that outcome. The model is tested through simulation to see how different decisions impact financial statements and attainment of business goals.

Program attendees can experience the impact of business decisions prior to investing time and resources. As plans are made, each action is tested to determine the impact on cash flow, profitability, and valuation. Based on the simulation results, participants learn where to adjust prior to implementation in the real world.

The Henry Schein Dental Business Institute is a year-long educational program divided into four three-day sessions.  In addition to the successful DBI program that has helped over 200 students so far, we are continuing to expand our course offerings so stay tuned for what’s to come!

  • Session 1: Business Strategy, Marketing And Financial Road Map,  Planning.
  • Session 2: Infrastructure, Finance, Human Capital, Building.
  • Session 3: Compliance, Performance Management, Culture, Leading.
  • Session 4: System Creation and Review, Lean Process  Models.
  • Investor business plan presentation,  Culmination.

The Dental Business Institute

“It’s been entirely beneficial from the entire ‘dreaming’ to ‘doing’ spectrum.” – Tyler Lewis, DDS

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