DBI Operations Class

Learn. Experience. Transform.

Is your capacity growing as rapidly as your dental practice?  Have you been asked to accept new responsibilities and find yourself excited and wishing you had an opportunity to learn and discuss alongside others who are having or have had the same experiences?

The Dental Business Institute from Forward by Henry Schein has created an entirely new program specifically for you, the practice manager and operations teams within the growing dental practice. Following the DBI principle of providing deep, experiential learning in a hands-on, engaging format, you will be guided through four elements; PLAN, BUILD, LEAD and LEAN. Taught by top experts in their field and in the industry, you will walk away with applicable knowledge, skills, and tools you can put to practice immediately to make an impact in your dental practice. Delivered in two five-day sessions, you will cover the principles of planning and leading in the first and building and lean management in the second.  You will also be recognized as an Alumni of the Dental Business Institute which places you within a community of like-minded, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial dental professionals.

This is THE course you have asked for and that our current DBI dental students and alumni are wanting for their teams as well.

During PLAN you will work through how to engage in conversations with staff and ownership to facilitate best practices in managing and running the operations. You will develop your capacity to drive the vision of the practice, and you will learn how to plan for, and evaluate the value of marketing strategies.

In LEAD, you will and engage in workforce planning to identify opportunities and proactively plan for the staffing needs within your practice. You will also cover human resource functions, including evaluations and hiring practices.

Within BUILD, you will learn how to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), integrate new staff from direct hiring or merger and acquisition into the existing practice and develop your ability to build effective teams.

In LEAN, you will analyze and establish a streamlined approach to financial management within the practice specific to insurance relationships and discover the best way to conduct challenging financial conversations with your patients.

The dental industry continues to evolve and with that, comes the need to continuously improve our practices. You are in the unique position to help your owners enable their vision to come to life successfully in the practice and to implement the business strategies with your teams. This program gives you the education needed to be successful in moving forward and connects you to an unmatched community of resources.  The Dental Business Institute can enable you to grow as rapidly as your practice. Enroll Today. 

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