Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to reach and engage with your patients. Pew Research data shows that 92% of adults in the United States use email, with 61% of them using it on an average day.

Email is also one of the simplest ways to market your dental practice, gain appointment requests, and alert patients of upcoming promotions. All you need is your patients’ email addresses. Despite the popularity of email, many people are reluctant to give out their email addresses—even to their dentists, doctors and service providers.

To help you collect those addresses and create email campaigns, there are services your practice management system can provide. Tools like Dentrix Patient Engage can help you gather emails and extend your marketing reach with email promotions.

Other Sources of Email Addresses

Outside of Dentrix Patient Engage and other practice management solutions, you can gather email addresses from current or prospective patients using these methods:


  1. Ask all new patients for their email address. Integrate a request for email addresses into your patient signup process. Add a space for email addresses next to the phone number and physical address spaces.
  2. Make it obvious why you need a patient’s email address. Post a signup form for your newsletter or blog on your website and on your Facebook and other social pages. Consider placing a sign at your front desk stating your reasons for wanting an email address. Your reasons may include: sending appointment reminders, connecting easily with their dentist, and receiving special offers.
  3. Remember to emphasize why it helps them. Focus on the benefits your patients will get by providing you with updated information and easy ways of contacting them.
  4. Put a business card fishbowl at the front desk. Offer a prize drawing for putting business cards (with email and phone numbers on them) in the bowl. Ask your patients and referring dental professionals to put your fishbowl at their front desks for a limited time.
  5. Place social media ads. Offer a discount or prize giveaway* for filling in your email address form in the ad. Email marketing is still an incredibly effective and powerful tool for small businesses like dental practices to reach out and stay connected with their patients—without spending a lot of money. For best results, once you collect their email addresses, email your patients no more than once a week and no less than every three months to stay engaged.


*Always check with your State Dental Board for regulations on price drawings, giveaways, etc.


Andrea Gallimore has over 19 years of experience with Dentrix and the dental industry. She has worked as an office manager for a multi-doctor practice and also as a certified Dentrix trainer. Andrea currently works for Henry Schein Practice Solutions as the Associate Manager, Software Training – eServices, presents weekly webinars on various eServices products, and presents educational dental seminars across the country. With her extensive software knowledge and real-world office management expertise, Andrea can help practices maximize efficiency and profitability using Dentrix and eServices.