Dentrix Smart Image Opens a New Future for Image Management

Recently released as part of Dentrix G7, Dentrix Smart Image expands a practice’s ability to provide quality care through enhanced clinical and financial workflows. Smart Image provides two-way connections between Dentrix and imaging software in ways that can help improve staff productivity, expand clinical efficiencies and streamline office workflows.


Improve Staff Productivity
During an appointment, team members sometimes take additional images that were not originally scheduled. If so, they may forget to post some procedure codes to be billed. When a team member starts each image acquisition by selecting the procedure in Smart Image, Dentrix can ensure the code is posted to the Ledger for billable procedures.

Setting up images for a treatment presentation can be time-consuming to prepare, and less effective with patients, when images are spread across multiple imaging systems. Smart Image allows the dentist to select and pin the needed images from multiple sources and image types in one location: the Patient Chart. With all the right images in one location, it is easier for the dentist to present a winning treatment plan.

Expand Clinical Efficiencies
In the past, dentists and staff needed to open and search through images in all imaging systems to collect available images for a patient. Smart Image automatically displays image thumbnails on the Patient Chart from any participating Smart Image partner. Dentists and team members can then select and open the images—while being spared the time and hassle of going through multiple systems to find available images.

When a patient’s images are located in different systems, it can be difficult to find the correct image for a given situation. By clicking the tooth or teeth on the Patient Chart, Smart Image shows all images for the tooth or teeth. Dentists and team members can immediately tell if they have the right type of image, and then zero in immediately on the image(s) they need.

Reviewing images from multiple imaging systems often requires opening multiple software systems, sometimes across multiple computers. This hodge-podge of systems makes side-by-side image comparisons difficult. Smart Image allows the dentist to display up to four images on the screen at once for easy comparison. A separate display matrix shows the most recent image for six image types and allows the dentist to scroll through each type of image in the matrix. Providing multiple images side-by-side on a single computer screen helps dental professionals make comparisons to provide faster, more accurate diagnoses and treatment. Patients benefit from added accuracy and less time in the chair.

Streamline Office Workflows
Preparing to take images can be a time-consuming process: (1) starting the imaging software, (2) selecting the patient, (3) choosing the sensor and (4) selecting the template. After a procedure is selected in Smart Image, Smart Image can automatically open the imaging software and arm the correct sensor. The practice saves steps and time.

In the past, team members had to manually update the Ledger to show completed images. Smart Image automatically posts completed imaging procedures to the Ledger. Automated posting supports prompt, accurate billing.

Many imaging vendors have already contracted with Dentrix to build Smart Image connectors for their imaging systems. The connector for Dentsply-Sirona’s Sidexis 4 is currently available, with development underway for connectors for Dentsply-Sirona’s Schick CDR and Planmeca’s Romexis. To see an up-to-date list of participating imaging vendors, go to If you submit your contact information and select the imaging system of your choice, you will be contacted with updates as the connectors become available.


Loren Sucher is the product-marketing manager for Dentrix, the dental industry’s most widely-used practice management system, from Henry Schein One.

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