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Our life’s work is dedicated to the success of dentists who wish to build and grow their practices. In that light, our network of consultants, coaches, and service specialists, can help you identify areas of your practice that need improvement and deliver practical business services that can optimize your practice and ultimately allow you to focus on providing the highest possible quality of dental care your patients. The Henry Schein Business Solutions network is a catalyst, dedicated to your practice success!

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Thank you for your interest in working with Henry Schein Dental. We carefully evaluate all potential providers to ensure a right match for our customers, your company, and our business. Our process is rigorous and designed to ensure our customers have access to the products and services to help them advance their business. We operate using a distribution model, meaning there is shared support in the promotion of that service and shared revenue. We will review your application carefully and should we feel your company is a good fit for our customers and the business, we will reach out to you within 90 days.