OSHA compliance is a critical component for every practice. It is also important to understand what steps and type of training is needed to be considered compliant. From on-demand, digital OSHA training to hands-on training and consulting; Henry Schein Business Solutions can connect you with the right solution to meet your needs. OSHA specialists are able to assist your practice with OSHA related incidents, managing OSHA inspections, responding to questions or situations related to the OSHA regulations, and help you and your practice become aware of the protocols related to appeals to citations and fines issued by OSHA. They also receive updates related to OSHA regulations and understand how they relate to your dental practice and help to answer CDC related infection control questions. They are specialists in OSHA and can help you and your practice navigate complicated situations and regulations, including:

  • Questions that arise regarding OSHA protocols
  • Support for OSHA inspections
  • Support for workplace incidents
  • Assistance in managing OSHA violations and the appeals process
  • Frequently updated training materials
  • Updates regarding Dental practice changes to OSHA regulations
  • Assistance with CDC infection control protocol

Our on-demand OSHA education courses offer:

  • OSHA onboarding and training for newly hired staff (required within 10 days of hire)
  • Completion of CE requirements on a wide variety of compliance and clinical topics
  • “Compliance Officer” OSHA Annual Online Training delivery provided that they meet the needed requirements
  • Tracking of CE credits from all sources, specific to the individual
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