Coding errors may cost your practice thousands of dollars. Learn about the top coding errors, and more importantly, how not to make them! You will also receive new, valuable information on some of the “hot” sections of the CDT code, which you can use to identify and “fix” coding problems that lurk in your practice.

Most practices can expect legitimate net increases in cash flow immediately simply by improving coding practice. You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid typical coding errors.
  • Proper narratives and documentation.
  • Co-pay forgiveness, discounting, multiple fees, NPI numbers, etc.
  • How to handle patient gifts, evaluate and deal with PPOs and deal with the unclaimed property office.

Henry Schein Business Solutions can connect you with specialists to offer help with Medical Cross Coding. Rapid changes in the healthcare industry are bringing many new challenges to the dental practice. Today, more than ever, it’s vital for dentists, dental office managers, and dental billing managers to ensure they are utilizing the correct coding strategies. From a two-hour course designed to be an introduction and “eye opener” to medical dental cross coding, to instructional and guide-books on coding, count on the specialists to help your practice improve its coding skills.

Charles Blair & Associates

“Rebalancing my fees and at least annual increases with the Revenue Enhancement service have taken the guesswork and worry out of my fees, assuring proper coding and a fair return for my dental care.” – Dr. Peter Hoffmann

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