Keeping up-to-date with your annual HIPAA requirements is not only required by law, it’s great business practice. From electronic records, email, to digital transmission of patient information, your practice’s HIPAA compliance reduces your risk of fines.

Coding errors are predictable in today’s dental practice. Learn the top coding errors and how not to make them! You will also receive new, valuable information on some of the “hot” sections of the CDT code, which you can use to identify and “fix” coding problems that lurk in your practice.


Are you prepared to handle an emergency CPR situation in your practice, should one arise? It’s important to make sure your staff has taken the proper American Red Cross courses that will help to prepare them to respond to several medical and injury-related emergencies, as well as perform CPR and use an AED.

The workplace environment may pose exposure to numerous workplace hazards to employees. From hazards such as bloodborne pathogens exposure, exposure to pharmaceuticals and/or other chemical agents, human factors, ergonomic conditions, OSHA requirements and compliance services can protect your employees, associates and most importantly the dental practice itself.

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Our life’s work is dedicated to the success of dentists who wish to build and grow their practices. In that light, our network of consultants and specialists will help you identify areas of your practice that need improvement and deliver practical business services that can optimize your practice and allow you to focus on providing the highest possible quality of dental care your patients. Our network is a catalyst, dedicated to your practice success!

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