Insurance Management

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In today’s highly competitive dental landscape, successfully navigating third party payor relationships is a must. Henry Schein can connect you with professionals who can establish or optimize PPO relationships in order to increase practice revenue and patient focus. Their goal is to help your practice be as efficient as possible with you as your practice engages in PPO contracts and addresses ongoing concerns in the ever-changing insurance marketplace. Best of all it is done at the fraction of the cost you would be paying for a dedicated employee.

These specialists deliver knowledge to help you understand the complexity of insurance contracts (i.e. IRS code), continually changing networking and leasing between PPOs and major networking companies, and help to maximize your revenue (i.e. tax refunds). They address everything from negotiations and credentialing to office fees and-house discount plans.

Unitas Dental

“Unitas offers a fantastic service. They have freed my front desk from the crazy world of PPOs. We couldn’t be happier.” – Donna, Office Manager

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