About Us

Henry Schein Business Solutions

Henry Schein Dental created Business Solutions because we recognize the gravity of the impact of excellent business practice on the health of the dental practice as a business. As the dental market continues to evolve and change, our customers have asked us to assist them with their businesses; to help them find and manage resources critical to the success of their dental practices. Henry Schein Business Solutions was conceived precisely because we have listened carefully to our customers and the marketplace. Our team and network of specialists work at the intersection of a fast-moving dental market, helping our clients succeed in business.

Our life’s work is dedicated to the success of dentists who wish to build and grow their practices. In that light, our network of consultants and specialists will help you identify areas of your practice that need improvement and deliver practical business services that can optimize your practice and ultimately allow you to focus on providing the highest possible quality of dental care your patients. The network is a catalyst, dedicated to your practice success!

What We Do

  • Business strategy and services from a curated network of market specialists
  • Business education and resources only found through Henry Schein

Our Value

We are the indispensable business resource that gives every practice the inspiration and power to be more and dream bigger.

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