50 Ways to Say “Thanks”

“Thanks” is such a simple word, and it comes in many forms – some quick and easy, others more time-consuming and crazy. You’ll never run out of ideas with  50 ways to say it.

  1. Time spent with you on a personal basis
  2. Personal notes of encouragement
  3. Hand out mixed bags of Hershey’s Hugs™ and Kisses™
  4. Plan a team retreat for encouragement and renewal
  5. Write a note on a blank puzzle, break it apart and send the pieces
  6. Give a Red Box rental gift certificate with a bag of microwave popcorn
  7. Have a mobile detail service come to wash cars for the day
  8. Give a 100 Grand™ candy bar with a note: “You’re worth 100 Grand to us!”
  9. Give a long-stemmed rose
  10. At your next meeting, surprise everyone with party decorations
  11. Feature a member of the team in a newsletter or in your reception area
  12. Have a massage therapist and nail technician come in for an afternoon spa day
  13. Send a cookie gram
  14. Make a button for everyone with “My boss appreciates me.”
  15. Personalize Christmas ornaments for the holidays
  16. Have a whitening party
  17. Submit photo of your team to the local media and run an ad that shows appreciation for the team
  18. Personalize a coffee mug for each team member
  19. Give a seasonal bouquet of flowers
  20. Have t-shirts made with the team photo on them
  21. Godiva chocolate
  22. Offer to volunteer with a team member serving a cause important to that team member
  23. Have encouraging phrases from authors such as Max Lucado, Oswald Chambers available to give for special performance
  24. Design coupon books for team members to choose from when something special happens
  25. Design a personalized calendar for the new year with photos of team events
  26. Put out birthday hats, party blower and balloons for birthdays
  27. Regularly schedule lunch with your team
  28. Bowl together
  29. Give gold wrapped coins
  30. Jelly Bellies™
  31. Offer gift certificates for TCBY, movies or Chili’s
  32. Reserve a special parking spot for Employee of the Month
  33. Have canvas bags imprinted with each team member’s name
  34. Have a root beer float party
  35. Have mylar balloons for all sorts of occasions and a helium tank
  36. Schedule one day at the end of each quarter to take off with pay if goals are met
  37. Have coin envelopes filled with different denominations of cash in a basket to select from
  38. Pizza is always a favorite
  39. Schedule a shopping spree
  40. You can’t go wrong by giving nail products (polish, oils, lotions)
  41. Purchase grocery or gas gift cards
  42. Buy each a bottle of champagne and inscribe with a gold pen
  43. Hand select a book to give as a gift
  44. Plan a bonus trip based on a goal set and met
  45. Schedule a team dental day
  46. Bring in a yoga instructor and turn your reception room into a relaxing haven
  47. Use games such as Scrabble to communicate appreciation
  48. Surprise everyone with breakfast prior to your huddle
  49. Schedule a professional makeup artist and hair stylist to have professional headshots
  50. Honor a team member’s spouse, children with announcements of graduations, military service, etc.

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Laura Jamison has been consulting since 1986 with Pride Institute, then 25 years in business of her own, Jamison Consulting. She has recently joined Henry Schein to continue providing business advice and team coaching.  Her passion for coaching teams is evident in her commitment to providing the best quality experience in her in-office work with dental clients and her national speaking engagements.  Articles have been published in Journal of Private Dentistry in the U.K., Trojan newsletters, AADOM Observer, Dental Economics and in Private Practice Volumes 2 and 3.  Laura is also currently President-Elect of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.